What is Healsbridge?

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Healsbridge is a marketplace where health care providers offer healthcare and services directly to consumers. We built Healsbridge because the healthcare system is broken–too expensive, too secretive about its prices, too focused on justifying its current operating model, too beholden to its financial model to deliver high-quality care and services that the average person can understand and afford. But rather than shout into the Intervoid about it, we set out to find a real solution–one that is good for consumers/patients and the doctors who care for them, one with a business model that would allow it to scale and stick around to continue serving people well into the future.

Our hypothesis: To succeed where the current system failed, a new healthcare system model must:

  • Work anywhere (big city, small town, rural, rich and poor communities)
  • Work for the largest possible swath of the population
  • Have transparent pricing that’s low enough for the average person to afford but high enough that doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals would want to keep practicing medicine and operating their own practices
  • Offer a full spectrum of care and services–from preventive and primary care to specialty and urgent care and outpatient procedures, even inpatient treatment and services, where safe and appropriate
  • Have legal and ethical safeguards like the current system
  • Have a business model that–even on low margins–could grow exponentially

So, that’s what we built. Healsbridge is not just a marketplace platform; it’s the beginning of a new healthcare system built on a foundation of direct health care and centered on the provider-patient relationship.

On Healsbridge, healthcare providers (physicians, nurses) set up their practices in much the same way an entrepreneur sets up an Etsy shop. They make a profile for their practice, share a bit about themselves and the care and services they provide, create service/product listings, and then they’re ready to serve.

Providers may offer Direct Health Care subscriptions (affordable monthly or annual fee for office visits, Telehealth, and annual checkups and labs) and fee-based appointments, services, and procedures. Direct access testing providers sell at-home health screening kits. Other services available on Healsbridge include prescription drug discounts and social services and local health resource referrals.

Direct Health Care subscriptions offered by providers are not health insurance plans, and are not covered by health insurance. They are alternatives or supplements to health insurance, and especially valuable to individuals and families who are uninsured, those whose chosen providers are now out-of-network, and those with high-deductible health plans.

Providers and consumers can join Healsbridge at no cost. Providers share a percent of sales with Healsbridge to cover the cost of using the platform services.

Providers on Healsbridge can also access an exclusive professional community.

DD Johnice
Our Founder

Healsbridge was founded by DD Johnice, a serial entrepreneur and healthcare executive who led innovation and transformation organizations, as well as value-based payment, health equity, and community health teams for health insurers Kaiser Permanente and Blue Shield of CA.

DD was drawn to healthcare when she experienced health issues while trying to start a family, and became devoted to solving its most persistent challenges when she and her daughter nearly died during childbirth. Now, with invaluable learnings from her decade in healthcare and her 25-year career leading innovation and product development across industries, DD is excited about the opportunity to make healthcare simpler, more transparent, and more affordable for everyone–and to help providers get back to caring for patients in a way that enables the patient, the provider, and the practice to thrive.