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Advanced Practice Nurses Critical to Increasing Access to Primary Care

There are more than 355,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) licensed in the US. NPs are nurses with masters or doctoral degrees and advanced training who can assess and diagnose patients, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and prescribe medicine with or without physician supervision. And they make up 43% of primary care providers in the US! In 27…

Direct Health Care Criticisms – And Why They’re Wrong

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) defines Direct Primary Care (DPC) as a practice and payment model where patients/consumers pay their physician or practice directly in the form of a flat monthly or annual fee, under terms of a contract, in exchange for access to a broad and enhanced range of primary care and…

The Healthcare System is Broken and No AI, Startup, or Insurer Can Fix it

I’ve dedicated 15 years (and counting) of my life to contributing to the creation of a healthcare system that respectfully, equitably, and affordably provides timely care to every person who needs it. Since I began working in healthcare, I’ve led innovation, health equity, community health, communications, product/service design, digital health, value-based care, and clinical technology…

Study: Affordable Healthcare Requires More Entrepreneurial Physicians

The only way to have true, affordable, healthcare is to increase the number of small business entrepreneurial family physicians in the medical market where the forces of consumer-patient demand, physician labor supply, transparent pricing and menu lists determine the true market price of medicine. Read the study Citation: McCutcheon, Robin & McCoy, D.. (2019). Physician-to-patient…


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Direct Primary Care Laws

35 States and the District of Columbia all have laws or insurance commissioner guidance that govern the practice of direct primary care, including how insurance laws are applied, lab pricing, and medication dispensing.

National Medical License Verification

Federation of Medical Licensing Boards

Medical License Verification By State

Use to verify provider licenses or find and make complaints if you believe your provider has behaved unethically or illegally.