Trade & Service Marks Policy

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using any of Healsbridge’s services, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

1. The Healsbridge Marks

We have worked hard to develop a high-quality, trustworthy product and Services to help you grow your business. Please do your part to help us protect our trademarks, service marks, brand identity, and reputation. The “Healsbridge Marks” (or our “Marks”) are the words, logos, graphics, designs, and other indicators that identify Healsbridge as the source of a product or service. For example, the word “Healsbridge” and “W” logos and the name “Healsbridge” are a few of our most important assets. The Healsbridge Marks are trademarks and trade dress of Healsbridge, Inc., protected in the US and around the world.

2. Uses of the Healsbridge Marks

  • Proper Spelling and Capitalization. When you mention us, please spell and capitalize “Healsbridge” properly (and not “Heals bridge” or “Healbridge” or “HealsBridge”). Please don’t use the Healsbridge Marks in ways that are misleading, defamatory, unlawful, used as part of violations of our policies, or otherwise objectionable to us.
  • Use of Healsbridge’s Logos. Using the official Healsbridge logos on promotional products, business cards, or banners, is generally considered to be a commercial use, and is not permitted without written prior approval from Healsbridge.
  • Use of Healsbridge Marks. You are not permitted to use the Healsbridge Marks (or confusingly similar marks), in whole or in part, in a way that suggests a relationship with Healsbridge that does not exist – for example, that you are employed by, speak on behalf of, or are endorsed by us. For example, you cannot use of the “Healsbridge” trademark as part of your shop or company name, and also don’t allow the registration, ownership, or use of a domain name containing the “Healsbridge” trademark.
  • Use in Your Own Content and Events and Advertising Your Shop
  • We’re very supportive when members of our community take advantage of marketing opportunities to promote their shop(s). We’re also thankful for those of you who have created helpful content or hold workshops to support the success of fellow Healsbridge members. Since these are commercial uses, please be careful to distinguish what you’re doing from Healsbridge’s official content and events.
  • If you’re creating content about Healsbridge, like books, videos, or podcasts, feel free to refer to the name “Healsbridge” to describe how it relates to us. You can use the name “Healsbridge” in the title of your content or the name of your event, as long as any of our other Marks aren’t the most prominent part of the name or title. By “most prominent,” we mean things like using “Healsbridge” as the first word in the title, or in terms of size, color, or font. Using a disclaimer also helps, like, “Healsbridge is a trademark of Healsbridge, Inc. This content is not created or endorsed by Healsbridge, Inc.”
  • Search Advertising and Marketing. If you purchase keywords, advertise on search engines or purchase digital ads for your Healsbridge shop, you agree to act in accordance with the advertising platform’s Terms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and other search network policies when advertising to drive traffic to on search engines. Your ads should not make it appear like you are officially sponsored by or affiliated with Healsbridge