Welcome to healsbridge. Think of us as an open marketplace where, instead of finding a good deal on an antique or a pound of fruit, you can find a doctor, nurse, and other health care providers to care for you or your family at a price you can afford–without health insurance. Simply join, search, and shop. No membership fees.

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No health insurance. No problem.

Like any marketplace, healsbridge has many “shops”, all of them created by health care providers, health care organizations, or companies that provide health care products and services like health screening kits, lab services, and equipment. You can subscribe to Direct Care which lets you contract directly with a doctor you choose for services that may include appointments as needed, annual exams, and lab tests for a flat monthly or annual fee (no co-pay per visit, no deductibles to meet).

You can also schedule a one-time appointment with a doctor, pay online, and see the doctor in the office or on a video call–or just ask a doctor to advise you or give you a second opinion on your lab or imaging test results.

Why we built healsbridge

We built healsbridge because health care is too expensive. Even when you have insurance, you can’t always afford the most basic care without paying thousands in premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. Plus, your access to care and a doctor you trust could be lost if you lose your job or your company changes health plans or Medicaid disqualifies you for earning a bit more. And don’t even get us started on health equity, how hard it is to find a doctor or nurse if you live in a small town or a lower income community, or one that treats you as a partner to be respected.

Oh and one last bit…why a marketplace? Short answer: Removing middlemen removes costs. Healsbridge is a fan of doctors and patients in control of their own relationship and agreeing upon the value of care and services. And, we love straightforward pricing that you can compare and pay for just what you need.

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