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Healsbridge Connects You to Affordable Health Care–No Insurance Required

What You’ll Find on Healsbridge

Direct Health Care Subscriptions

Direct Health Care is not health insurance, so no co-pays, no deductibles, no surprise bills. With Direct Health Care Subscriptions you pay a flat monthly or annual fee directly to your health care provider for care and services, including as-needed, in-person and Telehealth appointments and annual lab tests. On Healsbridge you’ll find doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health care providers offering Individual and family subscriptions starting at just $50/month.

Prescription Discounts

Prescription drugs can be expensive, but they can also improve and save lives. On Healsbridge, you can discover and apply for discounts on your prescriptions so you’ll never have to skip filling or refilling yours or your loved ones’ prescriptions.

Procedures and Treatments

Hospital costs can be catastrophically expensive, causing stress and leading to bankruptcies. For covered procedures, health insurance is the best protection against financial loss–especially when the final cost of a hospital stay or procedure is usually a surprise. Thanks to The Hospital Pricing Transparency rule (effective January 1, 2021), there will be fewer surprises. Hospitals are now required to publish clear, easily to access pricing. On Healsbridge, you’ll find hospitals offering certain common procedures for discounted cash prices that can be paid up front or in installments.


Whether you need a one-time appointment, a second opinion, or a doctor’s interpretation of test results, you can book and pay for an appointment with your chosen provider on Healsbridge.

Health Screenings

The US Preventive Services Task Force researches and publishes health screening recommendations that doctors and health insurance companies use in their recommendations to you. Most of these health screenings need not be done in a lab or doctor’s office. What’s important is that you complete the screenings so that, wherever possible, you can detect the early signs of a chronic condition or serious illness and see a doctor quickly. On Healsbridge, you can discover which screenings are recommended for you, and buy and have them shipped directly to your home. You’ll receive your results online or via mail and can share them with your doctor.

A Little Extra Help

Everyone needs a little help some time. When it comes to our health, the help we need may be financial (discounted drug or procedure prices, insurance subsidies, fee waivers or vouchers), food (access to nutritional foods, additional groceries, baby formula, or special diets), housing, or simply help finding needed services (toxin or poison remediation, or applying for government services). Discover hundreds of resources on Healsbridge.

50% of adults couldn’t pay a $1000 surprise medical bill. Avg. deductible for employer health plan: $1434. Avg. deductible for $2825.

65% of bankruptcies involve medical debt. True, even if you have insurance.

–The Commonwealth Fund

Why You Need Healsbridge Now

  1. Buy direct from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and service providers.
  2. Appointments when you need them
  3. Lower costs. No more surprise bills.
  4. More time with your doctor. No more feeling rushed.
  5. You won’t lose your healthcare if you lose your job.
  6. Get care and service in the doctors office, surgical center, at home, or via Telehealth.

One Doctor’s Story: Why she left a renowned health system to start a Direct Health Care practice

Source: PBS Newshour

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