We make growing your practice – independent of payers and health systems – easy and profitableProviders

Healsbridge takes away the uncertainty, the learning curve, and the marketing costs and burdens of growing a profitable practice. We introduce your practice to thousands of people and companies near you, and make it easy for them to join your practice and pay you directly–no waiting for payer reimbursement.

Build a thriving direct health care practice so you can get back to practicing your way

Direct Health Care is a practice model wherein physicians, nurses, dentists, other healthcare providers, and facilities provide care and services to consumers in exchange for an affordable, monthly or annual practice membership fee. It is also a path to an independent, profitable practice. Whether your practice is exclusively direct health care or a hybrid, Healsbridge lets you set the practice size you want and we’ll do all the marketing and business development work to attract them, and introduce them to your practice.

Create healthy cash flow for your practice – no claims to file

Healsbridge enables you to get paid immediately via electronic payment. Consumers can subscribe to your monthly or annual practice membership, book your available appointment times, or pre-pay for in-office services. No claims to file. No appeals to make, so you never have to fax and wait to be paid.

Get paid only when earn revenue for your practice

Healsbridge was founded on the belief that there is no version of good healthcare that doesn’t require healthy providers and health equity for patients. We designed our marketplace and provider services to facilitate – but stay out of the way of – the relationship between you and your patient. No software to learn or buy. They pay you directly. Healsbridge gets a small percentage of the membership, appointment, or other sale to cover marketing, business development, and platform maintenance. $0 to join and use the platform.

How it works

  1. Complete the Physician/Provider Profile
  2. Set up your Practice Profile page
  3. Add your Practice Memberships, appointment availability (optional), and in-office services (your products)
  4. Let new practice members and employers find you!

Join a community with the benefits of a network

Independence without being an island. You and your patients need access to the full continuum of care and the resources that only a network can bring. The Healsbridge Provider Community is a private community includes physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, urgent care clinics, labs and imaging centers, surgical centers, and independent hospitals. Physicians and providers can share ideas, seek advice, access tools, research, and information to grow your practice. You can also access exclusive savings and revenue growth opportunities like joining provider networks for local employers and discounts.

Step 1: Provider Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Health Care?

Direct Health Care is a practice model wherein physicians, nurses, dentists, other healthcare providers, and facilities provide care and services to consumers in exchange for an affordable, monthly or annual practice membership fee.

What is Healsbridge?

Healsbridge is a marketplace and platform intentionally designed to catalyze the creation of a sustainably affordable and equitable healthcare system by making it easy for individuals and families to find high-quality health care and easy for physicians and providers to create a thriving practice without payers and health systems.

Why is Direct Health Care so important now?

With practices in 49 states and laws and insurance commissioner guidance in 37 states, direct health care provides consumers a real, affordable path to getting the health care they need. Currently, 48M people who have health insurance still can’t afford to see a doctor, fill their prescriptions, or complete diagnostic labs. And it’s worse for the 27M people with no health insurance (70% work full-time, 12% work part-time). The healthcare system is also failing you: Physicians and providers are morally injured, burned out, and committing suicide at rates higher than active-duty soldiers. Direct health care provides physicians and providers the independence and autonomy to practice in accordance with their training, oath, and passion.

What does it cost to join Healsbridge?

Nothing! It’s free to join Healsbridge. We take a small percentage of the sales you make on Healsbridge to cover the the marketing and business development we use to attract people and employers to Healsbridge (and your practice), the maintenance of the technology, and the time and talent of the folks who manage our relationships with you, Healsbridge users, and our partners.

Is there a contract to sign?

Yes, we ask you to sign a standard Seller Agreement like those you’ll find on other online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon. We won’t ask you to sign a Provider Agreement with all of the mandates, restrictions, and penalties that those contracts typically impose.

What’s the commitment?

We don’t impose any restrictions on how many–if any–people you need to see or to invite to join your practice. We don’t have volume-based pricing or time-based commitments; pay the same fee on the first practice membership sale as you would on the 2001st. In fact, once you’ve achieved your personal practice membership (or panel size) goal, you and your practice members can use Healsbridge to book appointments free of charge as often or as long as you like.

What will I earn?

That’s completely up to you! You are free to set your practice membership, appointment and service prices as you see fit–and you decide how many people you will care for at your practice. Once you reach your practice maximum, you can create a waiting list on your practice page. Healsbridge also maintains waiting lists, just in case you want to grow or backfill later. We’ll also offer you opportunities to join local employer networks if that makes sense for your practice.

How does Direct Health Care create autonomy and independence for physicians/providers?

Direct health care enables providers like you to earn the same or greater salary while caring for a smaller panel of patients and spending 2X more time with patients. No network contracts requiring you to accept too many patients. With no claims to file, you’ll spend less time and money collecting payments and faxing for reimbursements. And, there are few reporting requirements and all of the care decisions are left to you and your patients.

How will I be paid?

When you join Healsbridge, you are signing up to use our platform and a set of services. But, you are running your own practice on Healsbridge. You work for you. Consumers can use credit cards or e-payments on Healsbridge so when you make a sale, you will be paid electronically via PayPal with funds deposited to your account immediately.