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The Healthcare System is Spending Billions to Justify Effort, Not Results

In spite of spending trillions on health care and billions on quality improvement efforts, the US healthcare system has the worst health outcomes of any developed nation. A typical hospital spends nearly $6M a year and over 100K personnel hours compiling, creating, formatting, and transmitting quality reporting designed to demonstrate that they made efforts to get members to complete preventive screenings or otherwise close care gaps. Physician practices spent $40,000 and 785 personnel hours on quality reporting.

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Citation: Saraswathula A, Merck SJ, Bai G, Weston CM, Skinner EA, Taylor A, Kachalia A, Demski R, Wu AW, Berry SA. The Volume and Cost of Quality Metric Reporting. JAMA. 2023 Jun 6;329(21):1840-1847. doi: 10.1001/jama.2023.7271. PMID: 37278813; PMCID: PMC10245189.